Welcome to the Southwest Corridor Transportation Coalition (SWCTC)

The Coalition is comprised of local government officials, business owners and other concerned residents. The Coalition has been advocating for transportation improvements in our area for many years.

The work of the Coalition has resulted in:

  • Widening of TH 5 from I-494 west to four lanes
  • Construction of New Highway 212 from I-494 in Eden Prairie to TH 41
  • Safety improvements in Carver, after many years of delay.

Currently, the Coalition is advocating for safety improvements to Highway 5 and continued work to expand and improve US Highway 212 west of Chaska.

Check out our Transportation Projects Here! Get information on Highway 212, Highway 5, 41, transit, the Arboretum Area and so much more!

  • On Highway 212 the goal is to address critical capacity issues and eliminate 2 five-mile bottlenecks to improve regional and national travel time reliability and safety for everyone traveling through the corridor.
  • The crash rate on Highway 5 is over 20 percentage points higher than the statewide average, while the fatality rate for crashes on Highway 5 is over 70 percentage points higher than the statewide average. We need to plan a safe connection now. Learn more about what we are doing to achieve this here!
  • The Arboretum Area Transportation Plan is a corridor traffic management, safety and phasing plan.